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Gas Fire Service

Gas Fire Service | StockportWhatever type of gas fire you have, be it flueless, open flued or room sealed, we can provide a gas fire service to ensure it is operating safely, anywhere in Stockport or Manchester. Here are some of the basic checks we perform on gas fires:

  • Visual inspection of the flue for any obvious blockages (if applicable)
  • Smoke testing the flue to ensure it is clearing the products of combustion safely
  • Spillage testing the fire to ensure products of combustion are not escaping into the room and posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming out the catchment space behind the fire
  • Cleaning and removing the dust build up in and around the fire
  • Cleaning the burner and gas injectors
  • Testing the safety devices built into the fire
  • Inspecting and cleaning of any air vents in the room designed to allow the fire enough fresh air to operate safely
  • Checking the gas pressures to ensure the pipework is adequate
  • Performing a tightness test at the meter which looks for any leaks on the gas pipework

One of the biggest dangers of not servicing your gas fire regularly is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.  For more information, see what the fire brigade have to say about it here.

Read a case study on a gas fire service we completed recently here.

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