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Boiler ServicingNo matter how old your boiler is, it is strongly recommended it undergoes a boiler service once a year.  We serve the entire Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire region, and offer the highest standards in boiler servicing.

Cleaning it out out and checking it’s various components for correct functioning not only gives you piece of mind, but also ensures that it’s safe.  If it is still under warranty, having had an annual boiler service will make sure that the manufacturer will honour it should it breakdown.

The best time of year to have a boiler service is during the summer months when your heating demand is low.  Should the service identify any concerns, there is less pressure and stress for the customer due to the reduced reliance on the boiler at this time of year.

We are gas safe registered, you can check our credentials here.

It doesn’t matter how old your boiler is, there are a number of checks that should be done at least once a year.  A good boiler service should take roughly an hour, and at the end we will provide you with a gas safety certificate with a run down of our findings.

You can also be rest assured that we won’t be using the boiler service to find fault and subsequently raise more work and expense.  We are a reputable and honest company with your best interests at heart.  Any extra work we feel is necessary will be fully explained so you know exactly where you stand.

During the boiler service we will test for carbon monoxide leaks and recommend the appropriate action should we come across any problems.  You can read about the dangers and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning here.

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm, we can fit one for you whilst we are on site, just let us know when you book the appointment.

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