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Power Flushing

Power flush with offerWhat is power flushing? Why are my radiators cold at the bottom?

If you’re familiar with how a central heating system works – hot water circulated throughout the radiators via flow and return pipework – then you may not be surprised to learn that if your system water becomes dirty, it can lead to blockages and flow restrictions.

How would my central heating water become dirty?

If a system has not been previously flushed and properly treated with the right chemicals (central heating inhibitor) then the reaction between the water and different metals present in your system will create iron oxide particles (magnetite). These particles can build up over time and collect in the bottom of radiators or tight bends/junctions in the pipework.  Wherever this ‘sludge’ collects, the hot water in the system cannot flow – thus creating a cold spot on a radiator, or a blockage in a pipe resulting in perhaps one or a number of radiators staying cold.

How do I know if my system needs a power flush?

  • cold spots on radiators, usually at the bottom.
  • one or more radiators not getting hot
  • regularly having to bleed the radiators
  • the air that comes out when bleeding smells ‘off’ (this is hydrogen created by the iron oxide corrosion process)
  • noisy pump/boiler

How does power flushing work?

Power flushing is the process of running clean water and chemicals through your system at high speed and high pressure.  Blasting through the sludge and clearing the radiators and pipework.  No matter what sort of system you have – it can be power flushed.

We charge £350 to flush a system of up to 8 radiators.  This price includes:

  • the flush itself
  • cleaning any filters installed on the system
  • treating the system after the flush with appropriate chemicals (central heating inhibitor)
  • *Boiler Service – for a limited time only – offer ends 31st October 2015 ! Ask us for more details.

For an extra fee we can also install a magnetic filter on your system if there is not one already present.  This will ensure any magnetite that may be produced in the future will be collected in one ‘easy to clean’ place.

We offer power flushing services throughout Stockport and Greater Manchester in places like Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Gatley, Sharston, Didsbury, Chorlton, Fallowfield, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Norris, Hazel Grove, Bramhall, Offerton, Bredbury, Romliey, Marple, Marple Bridge, Altrincham, Sale, Timperley, Baguely, Wythenshaw, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow – and beyond!

*excludes parts/materials and any labour costs involved in any repairs/maintenance that may be required. Also excludes back boilers.

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