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Nest Thermostat

Nest ThermostatThe new Nest Thermostat learns what you like and creates a schedule for your home, so it helps you save energy.  You can change the temperature from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop.  It creates a monthly report and sends it to you via email to let you know how much energy you’re using.  It can sense whether you’re at home or not and turn the heating off, so you’re not heating an empty home.

The Nest Thermostat was designed by people heavily involved in the design of the early iPods and iPhones, and they’ve transferred that sleek user interface and ease of use to the Nest.  Once it’s been installed and set up, all you do is either turn the temperature up or down, the Nest takes it from there – building a schedule perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and routine.

The Nest thermostat is the next generation in heating controls and will not only help you save money on your bills, but also manage the heating of your home more efficiently.  For more information visit the Nest website here.

ARG Plumbing & Heating (NW) Ltd are now approved installers of the Nest Learning Thermostat.  If you’re interested in finding out more then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  The Nest Learning Thermostat can be easily installed in most households.


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