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Magnetic Filter

Magnetic FiltersMagnetic filters are fast becoming popular as customers are becoming aware of the benefits of keeping their central heating system water clean.

When water comes into contact with the various metals found within your central heating system, it reacts to produce iron oxide – otherwise known as magnetite and often referred to simply as ‘sludge’.

If left, this sludge will clog up pipework, and collect in the bottom of radiators causing cold spots.  It can also cause noisy boilers and pumps as it inhibits the correct operation of various moving parts within the system.  Quite often we see the full effect of the magnetite after the summer months when the heating system has not been on for a while and the sludge has been left to settle and harden.

How can a Magnetic filter help?

Inside a magnetic filter is a powerful magnet.  As the system water flows through the filter, the magnet picks up all the iron oxide particles.  Generally we install the filter on the return pipe as close to the boiler as possible, but this is not always possible due to boiler location or accessibility issues.  Filters can be installed in a variety of places around the property to various degrees of success – we can advise the best place to install it based on your installation.

The biggest benefit of installing a filter on your system is obviously the increased efficiency of your system.  The pumps will not have to work so hard and your radiators will get hotter quicker.  When installed directly after a power flush, you can be rest assured you will have a much more efficient system, which will be saving you money on your energy bills as well.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We can come round and assess your system and give the best advice available.


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