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Boiler Installation

Our boilers often go unnoticed, taken for granted and quite often buried behind a wall of towels.  But did you know that upgrading an old non-condensing boiler with no controls with a new A-rated condensing boiler could potentially save you a fortune on your energy bills each year, as well as help save the planet.  If you would like to see exactly how much a new boiler installation could save you, have a look at this handy website, which clearly outlines the pounds you could save each year.

Your boiler installation needs to be carefully designed based on your property and hot Boiler Installationwater demand, so that it can work to its full potential.  We can suggest suitable boilers, controls and cylinders and tailor a design to suit your budget.  Also, because we’re experts at what we do, we can complete the installation in a timely fashion and to the highest standard.

Back in 2005, they passed legislation that stated any new boiler installation had to be of the condensing variety.  This put us ahead of most of Europe and the result has been a huge leap forward in boiler technology.  Today’s leading boiler manufacturers build and test their boilers to extreme limits – and then give generous warranty packages with confidence.  For example, the new BAXI Platinum range comes with a 10 year guarantee! That’s 10 years piece of mind that your boiler won’t cost you a penny in labour or repairs.*

So if your boiler is beyond repair, or you simply don’t think it will make it through another winter, let us give you a free quote on an upgrade, and get your home or business’s heating up to it’s full capacity.

*Please refer to BAXI’s terms and conditions for full details.

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