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Perhaps you would like a new bathroom, boiler or gas fire?  Whatever the installation you require, we are on hand to help you at every step, right from design assistance to installation and aftercare servicing and maintenance.

Having any kind of work done on your property can be a daunting process.  The stakes will always be high when parting with your hard earned money in exchange for the unknown. We at ARG Plumbing and Heating (NW) Ltd aim to take the stress and anxiety out of the process.  Whatever the installation you’re having done, be it a new bathroom or a new boiler, we have the experience and knowledge to make sure it’s done right – first time, within a reasonable time-scale and to budget.

At the beginning of the process we will sit down and go through exactly what your requirements are.  You may not even know what it is you want, especially with a new boiler, but also with a new bathroom installation.  We can go through your options and offer advice on design and functionality, explaining why you can or can’t have certain things, perhaps due to building regulations or it may not make financial sense.

Once we know exactly what you want and need we will keep you updated and informed on our progress on a daily basis.  Showing you what we’ve achieved, any problems we’ve had to get around and what the next steps are.  We feel that by keeping you close at hand throughout the process, we can eliminate the ‘unknown’ factor so many customers fear.

Once the installation is complete our job doesn’t finish there.  We guarantee all our work and are always on hand to address any servicing and/or maintenance that your new installation may require.

So if you’re considering getting a quote, make sure you talk to us.

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