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Gas Fire Service – A Case Study

Gas fires must have a clean flue for the products of combustion to escape up.  If the flue becomes blocked then the fumes have no-where to go but back into the room.  This poses a massive risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to the occupants.
Gas Fire Service | Stockport

One of our customers in Stockport was worried about turning their gas fire on as they hadn’t used it for a few years. Their caution may have saved their lives!  Have a look at what we found when we removed the fire:

As you can see, the entire catchment space behind the gas fire was full to the brim with twigs.   A bird had probably made its nest in the chimney pot and it had broken up and fallen down. We promptly cleared the space and lit a smoke bomb to check the flue was continuous right the way to the top. Here’s what it should have looked like:

You’ll notice the catchment space is now completely free of any debris, allowing the fumes to pass easily through the flue.  We also confirmed the fire was safe to use by performing a spillage test once the gas fire was reconnected, by using a smoke match.

What else do we do on a gas fire service??  Click here to find out!

The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning are very real, in the UK roughly 200 people each year are submitted to hospital from carbon monoxide poisoning, resulting in 40 deaths.  A service on a gas fire takes less than an hour and costs just £65.  Why take the chance? Book a service in Stockport or Manchester today.

If you have a gas fire which hasn’t been serviced within the last couple of years, there’s a good chance there is a debris build up behind it.  Give us a call and feel assured that you’re in safe hands.

Flueless Gas Fires

Some fires don’t have a flue, they’re called ‘flueless gas fires’ – the products of combustion are allowed to escape into the room.

If you have one of these fires, and you haven’t had it serviced in the last year, we strongly recommend you book a service as soon as possible.  On the top of these gas fires there are catalytic converters.  Their purpose is to ‘clean’ the fumes from carbon monoxide so there is no danger to the occupants of the room.

Over time these catalytic converters can perish or become less effective and must be checked both visually and with an electronic flue gas analyser.

Book a service on your flueless gas fire today for just £65.

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