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Bathroom Installation – A Case Study

The existing bathroom installation was situated in a Manchester city center apartment.  It comprised of a toilet, basin, shower cubicle and towel rail.  It also had some wall hung cupboards for storage and a small mirror.

The design brief was simple.  As the room is so small, the customer wanted to maximise the space available, whilst keeping as much storage as possible.  They also wanted to incorporate a bath with shower.  And finally, they wanted to be able to control the towel rail independently from the central heating.

The first thing we did was to remove the shower enclosure completely.  This instantly opened the room up and removed the claustrophobic feel caused by the shower wall.  We then managed to source a beautiful bath from Victoria Plumb, with shorter dimensions than the average bath, which could fit in the space the shower used to occupy.
We kept the positioning of the old toilet and basin and rebuilt the stud work for the concealed cistern and services.  This naturally created a long shelf, allowing plenty of space for storage of the most commonly used bathroom items.
The towel rail was removed and the pipework disconnected. We replaced it with an oil-filled rail connected to a timer on the wall outside. This gave the customer the ability to boost the towel rail when they needed to, or set it to come on at a particular time.
Finally came the focal point of the room – the mirrored cabinets. These were bespokely designed by Satana International, who specialise in the manufacture of heated mirror cabinets. Not only did they provide the ‘wow’ factor for the room, but they also provided huge amounts of storage – satisfying one of the customers greatest needs.
Some select extras such as dimmable LED wall lights, blue LED’s in the bath panel and a sleek and stylish tiling scheme – all finished the room off nicely, bringing it up to date with the modern city living environment.

If you are interested in having a new bathroom installation, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs and requirements.
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