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We often get asked the question by our customers: “can I move my boiler into the loft?” – to which the simple answer is YES!

It’s important to remember however that occaisionally the effort and time it will take to do such a thing pushes the price of the job too high – but this is rarely the case.  The additional cost in materials and labour to move the boiler needn’t break the bank.

Our recent happy customers in Gatley, Stockport asked if their boiler could be relocated from their bedroom into the loft.  It was a very simple case of re-routing the existing pipework up through the bedroom ceiling and into the loft space where the boiler was mounted on the gable end and flued out the side of the house.  All the pipework was able to be run internally and insulated in the loft area to protect it in the winter months.

So if you’re thinking of upgrading your boiler and would like to know if it can be moved elsewhere in the property – give us a call and we can advise you of your options and costs.

There are endless products on the market to help overcome any problems presented by the boilers new location, we at ARG Plumbing & Heating (NW) Ltd have expert knowledge and experience when it comes to boiler relocation and central heating installation.

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